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Volunteer for Art Break Day!

The first step to volunteering is to read our Volunteer Policies and Procedures and our Volunteer Waiver. Then, if you don't have any questions, sign up through our online sign up form below. If you have questions, contact us HERE.

Art Break Day Volunteer Roles

Art Site Crew

We have split the Art Site Crew into shifts of 4 hours each. The Art Site Crew will be responsible for keeping the tables clean, organized and full of art supplies. They will also be asked to encourage passersby to take a seat and take an art break! At times some volunteers will be asked to walk around the area and stop by local businesses and encourage folks to visit the Art Break Day Site.

Shifts for Art Site Crew

Morning Crew = 8am to 12pm / The Early Crew will also be setting up the tables, chairs, etc. for the event

Middday Crew = 11am to 3pm

Afternoon Crew = 2pm to 6pm / The Afternoon Crew will also be taking down the art sites after the event is finished. This involves folding tables and chairs, and organizing the collected art into one spot.

Photographer for Event

Photograph the event for Art is Moving and allow us to use the photographs on our website and in future advertising. You will be given credit for all of the photographs you take with a link on our flickr page.

Pre-Event Volunteering

Help us spread the word by passing out and posting our fliers and postcards around town.